Limited Time Only: Concealed Carry Handgun Training for $39

REFUND PAGE has a strict NO REFUNDS policy. 

We will not issue any refunds or exchanges for the following circumstances: 

  • Failure of a course test. Applicants have the option to pay for another course test without the video.
  • Dislike for the training video. We will not refund any applicants that have any issue with the way the course is set up online. 
  • Failure of a background check. does not guarantee a concealed carry permit. Contingency is solely based upon your background check from the Department of Safety Homeland Security: Handgun Unit. Please contact their department for any permit fee and background issues. 
  • Failure to apply in required time. Applicants have one year from the date of the completion date on the certificate, to apply (pay the permit fee) at a local DMV. Failure to do so will result in the applicant to re-qualify by retaking the course. 
  • No use for the study guide. The study guide is optional and not required.
  • It is purchased by mistake. can only meet the training requirements for the Concealed Carry Only permit.